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Here at Hyde Printing, we love to hear from our customers. Where is what some of them have been saying!

"Patricia and Craig,
Just wanted to say thank you for the help and fast service. Cards look great and can’t beat the customer service. Thank you, thank you." - Sarah

"Fast and accommodating too. Craig has saved me so many times, I can't count them anymore. He'is the best!" - Tami

"I love Hyde Printing! You guys are awesome... Patrick, Heidi, Brian, Peggy, Patricia, and anybody else I forgot or don't know yet! Always great work! And.... GO GIANTS!! :)" - Virginia

"Love the quality, and the speedy turn around. Hyde printing is great. I am a long time customer and fan." - Sharon

"Patricia was great! I sent in my flyers but the picture ended up looking bad on the proof. I called in and talked to Patricia and had her replace the picture. It turned out great, thank you!!!. 5/5." - Emily

"We have used Hyde printing for a number of projects where their input and insight into the design were invaluable considering budget constraints." - Kathryn

"We have used Hyde Printing for a variety of our advertising needs from business cards to images for our billboard on Highway 80. Heidi has always been very helpful and done a great job with everything we have thrown her way!" - Midway Storage

"HEIDI IS THE BEST! She jumps through flaming hoops to make sure our projects (which are usually behind schedule when they are handed off) are done in a timely manner & on budget. She is my "go to"person when I need anything. Hands down SHE'S THE BEST!" - Sharon

"They printed my cards way faster than I thought it can happen, got them in time for a business meeting.
They also corrected my design, by stretching it a bit, which made it look the way it should.
Really great job. Thanks!" - Branislav

"The people @ Hyde Printing and the work they do is awesome. It is of the highest quality and done with impeccable integrity. They rock." - Patt

"I can't say enough good things about Heidi. She is always responsive and looks for way to help my school district save money! I won't ever use anyone else!!" - Heather

I commend you for the great job on the holiday gift card. Thank you for being so prompt." - Chris



If you would like to join this list, please go on over to the feedback form and leave your own. Or send us an email with a custom one!

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